Specialised Advertising Media Consultants

We have a purpose to feed the demand from property owners and third parties to grow and develop income-generating opportunities by means of outdoor advertising through different mediums.

Outdoor media consulting

Creating wealth through outdoor media

Our mission is to create wealth for third parties by identifying, growing, marketing and management of outdoor media related opportunities.

Through our networking and experience we can offer individuals and private companies turnkey advertising medium solutions to cater for any outdoor advertising need.

What we do

At Outdoor Media SA, we are a specialized advertising media consulting company that exclusively acts for and on behalf of third parties and property owners.

We specializes in the following categories:

  • Site Identification & Assessments
  • Planning & Design (Structural and council approvals)
  • Joint Ventures and Media Partners procurement
  • Site Construction & Project Management
  • Lease Advisory and Lease Acquisition services
  • Marketing and Media buying services
  • Billboard Portfolio Management (Billing and market rental reviews)

How we do it

Negotiating the best transaction and rental terms are important as this not only affects the amount of rental income you receive per month but also has a substantial role to play in the value of your property.

Many Media / Cell operators include many additional cost to lower the actual rental portion due to you as landlord and hence offer you a below market value rental income. Over a normal 15 to 20 year life period of a billboard this can be a substantial amount.

As a landlord you might also consider to cash in your lease with us through our lease acquisition program and use the immediate benefit of CASH in hand?

Through our extensive network in the media industry we can also offer the best turnkey outdoor medium advertising exposure and branding across South Africa.

One point of contact on production, printing and flighting makes it easier to be in control of your advertising campaign as well as budget.

The value of our services furthermore not only ensure the client benefits from independent and unbiased advice but a significant amount of time is saved by clients which can be redirected towards their primary activities.

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